Facebook adds Community Page

While attempting to create a new Facebook page just now I spotted the new design and what Facebook calls “Community Page”. Though it makes great sense to have a category called community page for there wasn’t a category for non brands/businesses/celebrities and it required a lot of thinking and guess work to fit your community page (eating, drinking, playing) into game, leisure and what not.

However what’s intriguing is the statement mentioned right below the Community Page:

Generate support for your favourite cause or topic by creating a Community Page. If it becomes popular(attracting thousands of fans), it will be adopted and maintained by the Facebook community.

Any idea what the last line there means?

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2 thoughts on “Facebook adds Community Page

  1. Harsh agrawal

    I believe this is done in order to preserve the brand as many users create unofficial pages for brands and it becomes a branding issue for big brand when such pages become very popular..

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