Quote Factory

Here’s a bunch of quotes I wrote..Yes, I am Narcissist like that 😀

  1. Whatever you do, never run out of your luck – 6/4/2012
  2. Entrepreneurship Ne Ghalib Nikamma Kar Diya, Warna Hum Bhi Aadmi Kaam Ke The.. – 23/6/2012
  3. Life never fails to surprise and people never fail to disappoint – 25/7/2012
  4. Discovery is the king – 17/8/2012 (On discovery/curation of content on the web)
  5. Work is the biggest distraction – 25/8/2012 (On creativity/innovation)
  6. “Hazaaron idea aise ki har idea pe dam nikle” #startupshayari – 25/11/2012 (On having a million ideas about hundreds of things)


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