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Want to download a file from Scribd ? Upload one

It’s been quite a while since I used Scribd and it will be a while till I use it again. Why ? Because of this

In order to download “HEADSET BROS – SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY”, please upload at least 1 more of your documents first.

In order to download “HEADSET BROS – SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY”, please upload at least 1 more of your documents first.

Yes, this is what I ran into while downloading a document from Scribd. It’s pretty ingenius of Scribd guys to ask you to upload a file before downloding one. Since there are no visible checks on the file you upload, I am not sure how many junk files would have been uploaded on Scribd since they launched this fantastic modification in the download feature.

O Scribd, what were you thinking ?

Update: Scribd has made some changes to the feature that are covered in a post here

Twitter Trick Fail

Yesterday a friend of mine, whose not into Twitter at all forwarded this mail to me

— On Fri, 5/15/09, Great Offers and Discounts wrote:

From: Great Offers and Discounts
Subject: The Twitter Trick
To: xzy@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, May 15, 2009, 8:29 PM

If You Tweet, This Is For You

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and you have a quick action plan that s simple to follow…

But you don’t have to fear listbuilding anymore, because the new techniques, and the new social media have made it easy for us…

You don’t have to worry about listbuilding anymore!

Your list will start growing immediately, even while you sleep!

Even if…

$ You’ve never built a list before

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$ You never heard of Twitter…

$ You’ve never sold anything online before…

$ You can just barely answer your email…

And you have nothing to fear, because you are covered by my “no hard feelings” guarantee, because I just wont have any unhappy customers, if you aren’t happy with this book, in 60 days time, and you didn’t grow your list, and you gave it an honest try, I will happily refund you your money, check it out right now…

Bundled with this offer, get

$ FREE BONUS # 1 : The Twitter Automation Report – Make your Twitter Life Easier

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$ FREE BONUS # 3 : The Article Marketing Blue Print

If You Tweet, This Is For You

There is a lot more to know about it. CLICK HERE

Yes, that’s how(and why) bubbles are created. Twitter Trick’s website

So what do you think about the “Twitter Trick” ?