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Looking for someome? someone is on Facebook?

Ego searches on Google aren’t uncommon and one of the most recent ego searches made me notice something unusual.

facebook adYes, that’s an ad by Facebook for the name “Mayank Dhingra”. Out of curiosity I made a random India name search and

facebook ad

Sure enough Facebook is upto something, A couple more random searches on Indian names confirmed it

facebook ad

random facebook ads

Looks like Facebook has taken a lot of Indian names(random?) and bought Google ads for them. A SEM trick to get more traffic and signups?

Facebook just lost it?

“Please reset your email notification settings.

Unfortunately, your email notification settings have been lost. You can reset them on the Notifications page. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

On logging into Facebook a while back I was greeted by this message. I had to read it again to believe it that Facebook has lost some of my settings data, yes, lost it. My first reaction on seeing the message was to check out Facebook blog for more on the latest happening but since I didn’t have the URL for the blog I searched for it in the footer only to realize that there isn’t a link for the blog in their footer(it has invite friends link there which I like, though not sure how many people use it). So get to the Facebook blog I had to Google “Facebook Blog” , BAD . Upon landing on the blog I am disappointed once again to find no mention about the “data loss” at all. Though there is some other post which was published today.