The Power of MicroBlogging

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Ne1 know of women entrepreneurs who are doing ‘green’ businesses using technology? Or thinking of it? Women 2.0 are looking …….
anyone knows how to search for a string in mysql?…..
is experiencing a foolish moment of optimism…..
The baarat or procession of the groom is 90 mins late. But it is grand!……..

MicroBlogging is the latest rage among geeks, bloggers or rather every netizen(almost)..
Wiki defines MicroBlogging as a form of blogging with 200 character limit. Almost synonymous with Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce MicroBlogging has led to what I’ll call “Blogging Renaissance“. MicroBlogging has brought about a disruptive change in the whole approach to blogging, the shift from
Long posts to Short n Crisp updates,Daily/Weekly posts to Hourly updates, Posting via blogging platforms to Updating from Web, IM, Mobile n more and Posting for the web in general to updating for Friends/Followers/Fans

The content has shifted from “Macro” to “Micro” and it could be just about anything from a piece of news to the current weather, from a favorite quote to a small query about something.Its impromptu content served hot, straight from the pan, as its created.

The special/unique aspect of MicroBlogging is that its not about objects its about people..What are they doing, feeling, thinking and much much more..It’s like “RSS feed for people“. Other interesting aspects are

1) Closer & more Collaborative Networks – because of the personal touch involved and assumption the people hooked to one’s updates are interested to know what’s that person is up to and thus are more willing to collaborate/coordinate .
examples could be answering questions, giving feedback, sharing online resources or better people messaging you back asking how you are doing if you said “not feeling well” .
2) Easier to connect with more new people – given the ease to connect and the fact that unlike blogging your MicroBlogging updates can be about almost anything thus increasing chances for more people having things/interests etc in common.
3) Super Fast and Super Viral medium – given the size of content, time taken to reflect on it and forward is undoubtedly one of d fastest viral medium

There’s something for everyone in MicroBlogging, while for content creators it could be an easy way to stream their lives, for content consumers its an easy way to stay updated, for advertisers(if and once they get into it) it has huge potential in terms of targeted ads based on data mining.In this world of instant gratification MicroBlogging is God sent and as tweeted by a friend I too will wait for the day when if at an eating joint I MicroBlog “anyone else here”, get 10 replies and we all end up having a nice time together

Yes, this post was about MicroBlogging 🙂

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7 thoughts on “The Power of MicroBlogging

  1. Shashi Bellamkonda

    I am also waiting for the day :
    “I too will wait for the day when if at an eating joint I MicroBlog “anyone else here”, get 10 replies and we all end up having a nice time together”

    Good post. Thanks

  2. Sanjukta

    Didn’t I say whoever invented Twitter simply is God.

    Thanks so much for this post…all the things I love about micro blogging, twitter being my fav, you have consolidated and put them so nicely in here..

    To add to all the good things about twitter, is the fact that its so nicely integrated with cell phone and Gtalk… i am slogging at my work, no time to blog or even micro blog but I keep getting the twitter updates from all my friends, I always know what are they talking about and I can jump right in whenever I feel like…like totally revolutionise the way we socialize..

  3. kaa

    your third point is one i feel has the strongest impact…that it is super fast …and doesnt take much time. goes along with everything else, food to fast food, attention span reducing ..etc.

  4. mayank

    Thanks for the kind words guys..

    Yes, the integration with IM, Mobile phone, Browsers etc
    is one of the core strengths on MicroBlogging.

    Feeling even better about MicroBlogging after attending DelhiTweetup (meetup for Delhi Twitter Users)

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