The Remarkables: Meow 104.8 FM

Delhi’s Radio space has become quite hot these days with more than 10 FM channels vying for a bigger chunk of the pie. Leaving aside a couple most of these channels are alike(at least to me) and unless you are an avid listener chances are you too won’t be able to tell X from Y.

What really comes out as being Remarkable in this chaos is 104.8 FM or better known as “Meow FM“. Talking about being remarkable, Meow(India’s first just for women radio station) that came to life in June 07 is easily the most unique one. I listen to it every once in a while and what follows are a few things that make “Meow” Remarkable.

Niche Target Audience:
Instead of targeting everyone(which actually means targeting “no one”) they have focussed on Women folk, which is their biggest and probably best differentiator. This is a big plus as now they can mostly focus on airing programs that strike a chord with women without worrying much about the other gender. So now they can host a show like “Mama Meow” and even ask audience to tell “five innovative ways to break news about their pregnancy to their families” without thinking twice.

Different Ball Game:
While other FM channels are busy being better DJ’s(playing music) Meow has ventured into a different league all together. Rather than being just another music station they’ve come out as a talk based radio station which instead of RJ’s has what they call “On Air Hosts“. “Empathetic Interactivity” being one of their core value propositions this makes a lot of sense(even more for a women focussed channel) as
1) Talking/Sharing is one of the basic human necessities/traits.
2) It’s informative(knowledge sharing, listening and learning from other’s experiences and so on).
3) It has a HUGE audience(how else can you explain, people calling even before the host has finished telling the topic of conversation or people trying to call for days till they get to talk ?).

Client Relationship:
Another thing that impressed me about Meow was the way almost all their hosts talk to their callers and build relationships with them. Be it addressing some callers by adjectives like “Darling” or “Sweetheart” or asking someone who called after a hiatus “Why are you calling us after a long time ? Don’t you love us ?”.The way they handle and treat their callers is simply amazing, it works great(especially with women) and am sure they must have made some real(off the phone) relationships with some callers.To summarize in one line “try to make each customer feel special”.
I guess that’s what they are doing and doing it quite well.

Some other things that click are:
1) Good content with a variety to target various sections of women folk.
2) Great marketing(by making a noteworthy statement with the usage/symbolism of word “Meow” and other things).
3) Roping in different people with public appeal like Dr Kiran Bedi and regularly having guest hosts.
4) Anil Srivatsa(those who’ve listened to his show know what I mean).

These are some of things that I think make “Meow 104.8 FM” click, not sure about the RAM stats.They might make things a bit more cheesy from here and attract more earlobes by adding more girlie features on say shopping(discuss things like what you shop, where you shop or reviewing some shops etc) or better a gossip section(share the latest gossip in your office,college etc or in bollywood).

“Women carry the reputation of being talkative, hence Meow. Through Meow FM, we are letting women do what they do best – talk ” – Anil Srivatsa, COO, Radio Today                     🙂

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9 thoughts on “The Remarkables: Meow 104.8 FM

  1. Gaurav Gupta

    Can you believe it – they once aired a talkshow asking women to call up and discuss where they love to make out with their husbands and bf’s!!

    And girls were pretty open on this matter (without getting too explicit). It was an interesting way to end the day 😉

  2. Sanjeevani

    I simply love this radio station. I don’t know why
    Its just addictive.I believe i am incomplete without MEOW

  3. mayank

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting guys.

    @Gaurav: Trust me i’ve happened to hear more explicit content that even the host started feeling a bit uneasy and had to calm the caller down a bit 😀

    @Yatender: That’s interesting..Did you find out the reason for his liking ?

    @Ashish: Hmm..I really cannot say that unless they start targeting a broader audience, at the moment its mostly educated women with well to do backgrounds.

    @Sanjeevani: I agree it is addictive more so if you are a women as then you can relate a lot to the content of talks. So are you a regular caller or something ?

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  5. Sangeeta Sharma

    I can’t understand why meow changed but really its very bad. I miss something in my daily life. Now meow is like other fm station. I miss all Meow RJ. Pleas………………………………..e come back with old pattern.

  6. Bharat

    I love the old meow tune…. Which is something like….. 104.8 fm….. Meeeeooooowwwwwww… Plzz can anyone send the link for that tune…. I want to recreate my old memory…plzzzzz

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