A visit by our local MLA

Yesterday evening saw our local MLA “Jai Bhagwan Agarwal” paying a visit to our apartment/society. It was the first time ever that I was present while someone contesting elections came for a visit as a part of his campaign. It was a different and funny experience. Till now i had seen more campaigning for elections on film and tv then in real life. The cavalcade of the minister was proceeded by various people playing drums, holding banners of BJP and shouting slogans for their leader. Want to know their slogan for this time ?

Rohini ka Obama kaun ? Jai bhagwan Jai bhagwan ” –
Yes, you had to be there to believe it 🙂 Apparently they’ve been using this slogan all around the place.

After the MLA met his supporters who had come to greet him there took place a ritual (which as expected I had no clue about). Its one of those things that are apparently a regular affair around election time. The MLA weighed on a weighing balance and his biggest supporter and friend (a resident of our apartment) donated bags of 1 Rs coins that equaled his weight. I am told its a way to show one’s respect and trust.

Noise and people settled a bit after this and Mr agarwal spoke a few cliched words about how the residents of our apartments are important, how supportive they have always been and we’ll continue doing good things etc etc. The speech(if it can be called) lasted for five minutes before the procession moved to the next apartments leaving behind a few delicious sweet dishes to be circulated among those who had gathered

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4 thoughts on “A visit by our local MLA

  1. Kareena Kumar

    Hi Mayank,

    From your article it is apparent how naive you are against your needs which a Vote of yours could have made a difference.

    Good or bad is your Right! Now to ask!

    Whilst you are busy in your own daily life and convalescent to what the elected MLA is actually doing, now that you’ve already voted him into and made him your elected representative.

    Seems your elected representative is busy in NOT challenging the Govt in the opposition> against those Power cuts you face, the property tax you pay, not being used to provide you adequate cleaniness>not enough transport available for your mom/dad to go to the local market>…

    He is, infact, busy challenging and Opposing by throwing the weight of being elected to allegedly encroach and grab the land of DDA, that can house in 250 flats. He’s busy in building a Temple and there to create religious sanctity to thwart any attempt by DDA to repossess the land which has been directed by Hon’ble Supreme Court. He is busy creating rooms and banquet facility therein to earn a prospective rental income of Rs.10 lacs/month

    Dhruv, // Nov 28, 2008 at 10:25 am

    its funny, your article could only excite Dhruv to say haha…

    Mayank, I could see that you have a good flair for writing. But that impression of mine is fogged by the laughter of Dhruv.

    I would be impressed if your article further on your local MLA Mr.Jai Bhagwani Aggarwal, excites some more people to interact with you and nurture this flair to actually grow and you are able to create a community that follows your writing regularly.

    I did googling on your MLA Mr.Jai Bhagwan Aggarwal, which I share with you.


    I shall visit again to see if you are able to take this googling effort of mine to create a community around you in Rohini (? isn’t it)

    I think i have given you enough reason to create a community who shall believe in JAGO RE!!

    Who knows, i might see you becoming an MLA yourself or an Activist of communities or maybe just take your good flair of writing to another level of awareness.

    Kareena Kumar

    by the way, i study in Modern School, Barakhamba Road. I like to travel and write (journalistic)

  2. kareena

    Just wanted to check if you and that comment are for real ?

    Mayank Dhingra

    Yeah, I could read your predicament in the above lines.

  3. mayank Post author

    “What the hell, yet another spam comment?”

    This was the first thought that came to my mind when I saw notification about your comment, then a look at the content, especially the last couple of lines( unusual/unreal?) added more to it. Therefore my “is this for real?”reply.

    Getting back to your comment I’d like to clear out that this post was written on a light note and I just wanted to share the ritual which I found really funny.That’s it.

    However what you said is a bitter truth, that I like most others am too busy to find out what my elected representative is doing and for now I am not in a situation/frame of mind to get more involved either.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting

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