Shame, they did it again.

Absence of statements blaming the other party from any political leader on the first day of Mumbai attacks was conspicuous but if you thought Indian politicians have finally learned not to politicize the terrorist attacks you are mistaken. The second day of seize saw leaders from the opposition starting the blame game again. What’s worst is that the ministers from leading party for whatever reasons invariably end up doing “tit for tat”.

Just when I was thinking if and how “Mumbai Attacks” would reflect on the Delhi assembly elections my phone beeped. It was a sms, that read “Atankvad ke virudh apna sangharsh jari rakhen, jinhone atankvad ke liye naram niti apnayee unke virudh bhari sankhya main matdan karen. Mehengi Padi Congress” which roughly translates into “continue your fight against terror and vote out people who took a lenient approach against terrorism”

A couple of hours later my phone beeped again for another sms and this one read “har terrorist attack chunav se pehle hi kyun hota hai ? isme faayda kiska ? Aatank par vote maangne ki sasti raajniti desh ko mehengi padegi” which roughly translates into “why does every terrorist attack happen just before elections, who stands to gain out of this?  the lowly act of asking for votes under the name of terrorism will cost the nation”

It’s a pity that this is the state of Indian politics, they won’t even spare terrorist attacks and shamelessly try to use them to garner votes.

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4 thoughts on “Shame, they did it again.

  1. Monica

    I wont vote today since I dont wish to choose between BJP or congress. both are thugs. How can BJP be so cheap?

  2. mayank

    That’s one of the sad aspects of Indian Politics.

    When things go wrong nobody speaks up and when they do, its mostly blaming the other.

    If one party says other is soft on terrorism the other goes a step ahead and indirectly blaming the former for terrorism.

    But I feel not voting isn’t a solution and one should cast vote.

  3. shruti

    its really a shame and i thought we would get a lesson from this 26/11 attack on Mumbai but our leaders have lost it all. All that matters to them is the votes and the fact that who gets the power and money…

    We need to really think 10 times before casting our vote and get someone who can try n change something and not cast vote thinking its BJP or Congress… they are all the same .. all they need is power and in return we would get nothing.

    Now i wonder if there will be any changes made in our country’s security system…. and will the 1 arrested terrorist be of any use .

    we should now really think and take a lesson from this event … we dont want anymore 26/11 in Delhi , Banglore or for that matter in any other part of our country and we can a common man should take a stand.

    guys make most of the elections today in Delhi .. please go and vote and just dont give up and sit home because that also won’t help anyone.. someone will come in power. if u don’t vote maybe again a wrong person comes in power and we again live with a hollow system and govt.

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