Ego Search

Disclaimer: This post is just to stroke my ego 😛

I often do Google ego searches about my name and key words that should point to some post(s) that I wrote. The results tend to range from Awesome to WTF, depending on where my entry stands in the search engine results page.

I did a Google search for some keywords/phrases and was happy to find links to my post among top 15 results. Find the keywords and the screenshots below

1) Keyphrase: “LK advani marketing” , # 11


Rank #11 in about 155,000 results. Read the post here

2) Keyphrase: “Dev D Marketing” , ” marketing dev d”  # 3

Rank #3 in about 322,000 results, Read the post here

2) Keyphrase: “Marketing Ghajini” , # 1
Rank #1 in about 10900 results :), Read the post here

Here’s a bonus video of SRK proclaiming he’s the God of Marketing 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Ego Search

  1. Kanupriya

    Ego search :D, I loved the disclaimer part…BTW nice ones on mktg, read some of ur posts today. I’m wondering what is the search result above your post in image 1? LK Advani MBA news…etc etc. Howz LKAdvani related to this MBA news. Well, looks like ppl r just keying in popular search items to their page whether relevant or not :O

  2. mayank Post author

    Thanks Kanupriya, am glad you liked ’em.

    Yes, that’s been the case for long, using popular keywords/tags to get more traffic.

    Also, loved the “Bhay Ho” video, thanks for sharing 🙂

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