LinkedIn and The New York Times Team up

In a recent development(or is it?), LinkedIn and The New York Times have joined hands for a tie up. I stumbled upon this while surfing NYT and a few clicks revealed how it works. Here’s the deal for you.

Linkedin members will have an option to be served customized headline feature on Business and Technology article pages of that’ll comprise five latest stories from NYT. For ex: someone working in biotechnology sector will be served latest news from that sector.

Here’s the story in a few pics





Linkedin_Newyork Times

An article on NYT


on clicking “what’s this?” on the right side in


“five stories” based on my LinkedIn profile

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7 thoughts on “LinkedIn and The New York Times Team up

  1. Arun

    Interesting development. Makes a lot of sense for both NYT and LI.

    The same concept could be huge if Facebook tied up with major publishing and media sites.

  2. mayank Post author

    Yep, it is an interesting development, I am sure they’ll add more to it. I guess FB has/plans to have tie-ups like these..

    “In a recent development(or is it?), ” was meant for that only 🙂

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