Add your mobile number for Gmail’s password recovery

If you know it already, good, but if you don’t, here’s the thing

Now you can also add your mobile number as one of the password recovery mechanisms for Gmail


So now there’s another option to retreive your Gmail password and what’s cool about this is that you don’t need to depend on your seconday email anymore  . I think this should make life a simple in case someone looses their Gmail password.

Forgot your password ? Go to password assistance page and enter your username/email. Google will sms/text you a code on your mobile which you can use to get back on track.

Here’s a test for the new work flow

Step 1:


Step 2:

I just added my mobile number and went for the recovery option.  Contrary to what Google says, I haven’t received any sms, though I did get an email on my alternate email account. So for now we can’t say it this option is working for India but in any case the new feature/change sounds good(and safe) and I think we all should  go for it

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19 thoughts on “Add your mobile number for Gmail’s password recovery

  1. adil

    i had added a number for my gmail which is no longer in use..but unfortuntly i fotgot my password and its now that i had realised that the number i had saved in this gmail is a number that i no longer use…is there anyway that i could retrieve my id password..i tried secondary mail id but i had been waiting for 2days tried again and again but i have not got any mails yet…

  2. Jane Novengi

    I lost my cellphone number and I forgot my password , but I want toused my email account.

  3. moon dana

    i lost my email password and my mobile no. so due to recovery of my password i want to change my phone no.

  4. kashish arora

    i lost my cellphone and forget my gmail password i want change my mobile no

  5. Moramba mangang

    i have loss my registery mobile no. of my gmail account and forget my gmail password how to do

  6. naba nandy

    I have forgotton my password and enter phone number does not work .Please help me.

  7. Rangrao

    Dear sir,
    Forget my gmail password as well as my mobile no lost so how open my gmail account please help..

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