Typical Twitter Newbie


Any guesses how much time does it take for a typical user to figure out @replies ?

Curious about how many people feel the same way when they use Twitter for the first time, I ran a search on
“what is twitter” and here’s what I found

what is twitter ?

This is the reason why Twitter’s audience retention rate(percentage of people signing up who return the following month) is 40 %  (via Nielsen)

While we wait n watch what (if at all) Twitter is doing about this, Let’s see
what you think can be done to improve their retention rate ?

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7 thoughts on “Typical Twitter Newbie

  1. P O D

    am curious to know what dya count in the retention rate – some people i know are on twitter almost every day, however, they dont post more than a couple of times in a week, for them, its also a way to follow up some announcements or some others (ClearAdmit is just one example)…

    retention rate shouldnt just see how many people post…but how many people actually end up using the service..

  2. mayank Post author

    @POD: By retention rate(as specified) I meant the % of newly signed up users that return(at all) to a service the next month.

    The number of times they use the site following month, how long their sessions last or how much data they post etc aren’t a factor here.

  3. Sanjay Mehta

    I had the same concerns – that Twitter is not retaining enough, and it can lead to it’s downfall. I am sure they realized the same and have come out finally, with their business.twitter.com and the Twitter 101 notes, which are a great beginning.

    I am sure more will follow, but they have taken steps in the right direction.

  4. mayank Post author

    Sanjay: I am waiting of the new home page and how it affects retention rate.

    Also, I feel there’s a lot of working going on behind the scenes, from retention to making twitter more friendly for businesses and it won’t be surprising if they come up with special accounts for businesses or something diff ala facebook pages..

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