Results of ‘Buying Books in India’ Survey

I did a small(or not so) 10 multiple choice question survey to get an idea about people’s book buying habits and here’s what came out of the survey which was taken by 100 people from across India. I didn’t seek too much demographic information other than the respondant’s city.

Of the 48 people who shared their cities 22 were from Delhi/NCR, 6 from Mumbai and Bangalore each and one, two from Udaipur, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Pune, Thane, Kochi etc

Survey Findings:

1) 43% of the respondants buy a book a month or so and 34% people buy a book every few months.

2) A good 50.5 % of respondants buy books from bookstores only and 7.1% buy online only.

3) 14.3% of the people who buy books online get about 10-15% discount and 11.2 % people get 5-10% and 15-20% discount each.

4) A little more than one fourth of people who buy books from bookstores get ‘No Discount’ and on the other hand about one fourth people get more than 15% discount.

5) More than 88 % people feel the delivery time for books is important and about 5% people are ok with waiting for more days as long as they get good discount.

6) Flipkart and Indiaplaza are the popular sites for buying books with 19.6% and 11.3% people respectively.

7) About 40% of people that buy books online get them delivered within a week or so

What has  been your experience when it comes to buying books in India ? Anything you feel is missing ?

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6 thoughts on “Results of ‘Buying Books in India’ Survey

  1. Jean

    Very interesting survey.
    Though a sample of 100 seems too low a number, I guess it should more or less reflect the habits of a majority of Indians.

    “2) A good 50.5 % of respondants buy books from bookstores only and 7.1% buy online only.”

    I am interested to know about the remaining 42.4% of people. Do they not buy books at all, or do they buy both from bookstores and online?

    What were the genre of books they bought? (I guess this was not in the ambit of this particular survey, but still I wonder.)

    I come from cinnamonteal’s tweet.

  2. mayank Post author

    Hi Jean,

    Glad you found the survey/results interesting. Ya, I too feel the findings are more or less on the expected lines.

    2) They buy books from both bookstores and online

    I am afraid we couldn’t ask too many questions for the risk of making the survey lengthy and boring.


  3. Amit Tyagi

    Good survey.. But I guess it would be great if you could also give the some demographics of the sample you selected….

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