Thoughts on Reflection

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” ― Søren Kierkegaard

Humans, I believe are not very good when it comes to reflecting. Reflecting about time, relationships, events, patterns and deviations from patterns. I, myself am not significantly better at it. Not sure why but for me(and maybe a lot others) the act of reflecting is connected to certain dates/events.

“Some nights are made for torture, or reflection, or the savoring of loneliness.” ― Poppy Z. Brite

I am highly likely to reflect and introspect on/around my Birthday, around New year’s eve or a few other dates while I am highly unlikely to be looking back in detail on most other days of the year. Possible reasons for the same could be

    1. The Power of Habit: I am used to take out time especially to think on my birthday but not used to doing this on other days
    2. Rut of the Routine: We are so busy doing zillion things on normal days that it becomes difficult to be thinking deep
    3. No Clue: Going by the ratio of people I am close with and the number of people who talk to me about reflecting I guess most people are oblivion to the concept of reflecting.

“Reflection is the business of man; a sense of his state is his first duty: but who remembereth himself in joy? Is it not in mercy then that sorrow is allotted unto us?” – William Shakespeare

I feel thinking deeply about the past and what it was like is a great tool in understanding oneself and where/how one’s life is progressing (if at all). There are many a times important realizations about oneself, and others which are invaluable if worked upon.

Maybe it’s time we integrate the various elements of internet/startups in life. Maybe we should have

    1. Life Model aka Business Model or Happiness Model aka Financial Model
    2. Key Performance Indicators
    3. Dashboard
    4. Goals
    5. Monthly/Quarterly Reviews

What do you think?

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