Growth Hackers Conference 2013 in Tweets

Last week, some of the renown stalwarts of ‘Growth Hacking’ descended to computer history museum, Mt view to share their lessons and experiences at the 3rd “Growth Hackers Conference” organized by Gagan Biyani and Erin Turner. I was tuned in to twitter to follow the action while some of the best minds mesmerized the audience

List of Speakers
  1. James Currier
  2. Jared Fliesler
  3. Elliott Shmukler
  4. Dan Martell
  5. Mike Greenfield
  6. Gustaf Alstromer
  7. Sean Ellis
  8. Laura Klein
  9. Ivan Kirgin
  10. Stan Chudovsky
  11. Simon Tisminezky
  12. Gagan Biyani
  13. Andy Johns.
Here’s a compilation of all the gyan for you for a quick chew


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