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Television Banking: ICICIActive on DishTV

Got this email from ICICI bank yesterday about launch of what they call “Tevelision Banking”.  All that the email contained was this image.


To be honest this is the first time I heard the term “Television Banking” and I found the proposition intriguing.

Just when you can’t seem to figure out why are most banks/branches closed on a sunday ? or why a cheque deposited on a Thursday afternoon won’t be credited till Monday morning ?, this innovative new concept from a bank seems cool and definitely useful.

Here’s a visual walkthrough of what happened after clicking the link for online demo.

Screen 1


Did you notice the URL for this page?

Screen 2


Screen 3


Screen 4

This gives you fair idea of what “Television Banking” is all about. Also, the ability to pay your dishtv subscription from your ICICI bank using your TV is definitely useful.

While not everyone might need this, but the sheer thought of banking(though limited) on your TV while lying in your bed at any time of the day, wants you to give it a try.

What do you think ?