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Social Media Internships @ Electrosocial

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Electrosocial is starting a six week internship program from the end of this month. The program is aimed at sharing the fundamentals of Social Media and imparting working knowledge with various tools and services of relevance. The internship would be completely online so that anyone from any part of the world can join it. The internship program would consist of (but not limited to) the following:

  • Emergence of Social Media
  • Social Media Fundamentals
  • Social Media Tools
  • Social Media Values/Ethics
  • Scope of Social Media in Marketing, Customer Service, Activism etc
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Legal Aspect of Social Media

The internship progam is completely free for all and the interns will also get certificates for the same at the end of internship. Since it’s an internship program, the interns will also get to work hands on Electrosocial’s and its clients projects. This experience will be crucial in understanding how Social Media campaigns work, how tools are used, how reporting is done and more.

Electrosocial is looking for interns(preferably freshers or college students). So if you are a web junkie and find the idea of doing an internship in Social Media exciting send us an email at: internship@electrosocial.com.