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Twitter Search: No Looking Back ?

Have a look at the Twitter search result page below.

twitter search result page

Can you see something missing ?

Ever since we had search.twitter.com ( I think after the summize acquisition) I’ve always wondered how come there isn’t a link to go back to the Twitter home page from the search result page. Though it makes PERFECT sense that there should be a visible link to the main page on the top section of the result page or at least the Twitter logo should redirect to the main page , none of them exists.

Instead they have a inconscpicous little “Twitter Home” link at the page footer which I bet would be hardly used.

twitter home link on page bottom

Thinking aloud, could it be that ever since Twitter acquired Summize they never really thought of putting the Twitter homepage link which was missing in Summize(it didn’t need a home page link as it was just a search tool and search can be done the search result page too).

For those of you who joined the Social Media bandwagon late, here’s what  Summize looked like.

summize (Image credits http://www.flickr.com/photos/toprankblog/)

familiar to the F? 🙂

What do you think about this, a missing chunk of usability resulting from oversight or something else ?

Facebook adds choice to not see new friend’s posts on your home page

While there are news about bigger updates from Facebook I saw another new feature. While accepting friend requests now you can choose if you want to get their (new friend’s) posts on your home page. This is a nice li’l change that lets you be proactive in deciding what appears on your home page as opposed to what does not appear on your home page.

A small yet useful change, what say ?


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