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Ready, Steady and Startonomics

Just like startups the events focused around startups are growing by the day. Think Barcamp, Momo & Proto. Each of these events offers a different platform for startups and entrepreneurs. While events like Barcamp tend to server as a rendezvous for startups and their early adopters events like Proto intend to bridge the gap between startups and Venture Capitalists. While events like Barcamp and Proto serve important needs they don’t specifically help startups with their day-to-day problems of how to grow in various aspects and how to measure their growth. In many cases these things are way more important than others and that’s where events like “Startonomics” come in the picture.

Startonomics is a one-day workshop designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs on how to create simple, actionable metrics; and how to use them to make better product and marketing decisions for long-term growth and startup success. – startonomics.com

Sounds good ? It’s way too good.

On 2nd October  Startonomics was held in San Francisco with hundreds of startup enthusiasts coming in from different places to hear their favorite entrepreneurs speak on topics of their interests. Luckily those who couldn’t make it in person had the option of watching live stream of the event. I was one of them. The minute I got to know of the sessions,  I knew it would be great, especially for people involved with startups. “Metrics for startups are what classics are to literature. Everybody knows they are great but nobody does them”. Metrics are one of those things which need some time to get started  with and a bit more time and effort to understanding them and putting them into use. Someone who “gets” Metrics is a great asset for any startup. I vividly remember from my Slideshare days that it was Dave who helped us focus more on metrics. Its one of the things that has stuck with me. Kudos to Dave and his team for putting up this wonderful show and making all the content publicly available 🙂

Wanted to embed a Slideshare presentation pack for the event which had all the presentations but apparently there’s some issue with the embed code for wordpress. Anyways you can check them out here