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Facebook’s Live-Stream Widget

Last night while adding facebook badge to my blog when I stumbled upon the facebook widget page I didn’t really play around much to checkout the other widgets like live-stream one. But it was now when Techcrunch reported it I thought of checking it out again. So here’s the deal

The live stream widget( apparently meant for website or business widgets as opposed to personal ones)  lets you do the following

1) Update your facebook status from the widget or ‘Page Admin Preview’ as they call it

2) Access and share(with anyone who can see the widget) facebook statuses of your friends and everyone(think CNN-FB integration during Obama’s ceremony)

3) Comment and Like facebook statuses  just as you could do them in facebook.

While all this is quite clear to me, I am not really sure what’s the deal with the option to ‘select an application’, which essentially means choosing a page. I choose a page and posted an update via the ‘Page Admin Preview’ but it didn’t reflect on the fan page which I had selected. If you want to figure out how it all works, try checking out this, it might throw some light

Let’s see what’s the deal like.

Also, seems like facebook is still working on the widgets as the widget doesn’t seem to work properly for most