5 thoughts on “Stand, Stand for what you believe in

  1. shruti

    amazing ad done by airtel and thanx a lot for sharing wid us mayank…. we will n we should stand together now

  2. ThePete

    Dude, can I be Indian? That video makes me wish I was.

    Ah well…

    Say, is “bharti” Hindi for “Indian”? I hate how we in the west have our own words for countries and people. Still shocked whenever I hear someone refer to a Native American as an Indian. Aaaanyway, great vid! Thanks for sharing!

    One day I think it would be nice if we could replace the word “Indian” in there with the word “human” and inspire the entire planet to *stand* together. 🙂

  3. mayank

    Thanks guys for dropping in and checking out the video !!

    @ThePete: Sure 🙂

    Bharti is actually the company behind “Airtel”, hindi translation for Indian would be “Bhartiye” or “Hindustani”

    Instead of Indian, Chinese, American or German having human or something similar would be great.
    We really need to stand together. Stand against everything that’s wrong with the world.

  4. ThePete

    Haha, awesome–I’ll start applying the bronzer to darken my skin–might take a while–I’m the whitest of white. 🙁

    Bhartiye = the Hindi word for “person from India”?

    So, you guys call your country “Hindustan”? I guess the lazy Brits who occupied you guys back in the 1800s turned “Hindi” into “Indi” which isn’t unlike how they turned “Nippon” into “Japan”. Sheesh. It’s no wonder that “America” comes from some dude named “Amerigo”. Makes no sense…

    Oh and speaking of Brits and India–do you know of a good online resource I could use to learn more about India kicking the Brits out? I’m mostly curious about the Sapoy rebellion (I think that’s what it was called).

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