Samsung Jet Bloggers Meet

As mentioned before Brands in India have started to open direct communication channels with bloggers for sharing a sneak preview of their new products and getting some community insights among other things. Samsung  also took a formal plunge into direct conversations with bloggers in the form of ‘Samsung Jet Bloggers Meet’ (#sjbm). Samsung called upon select bloggers and mobile enthusiasts from the town to share more about their latest phone ‘Samsung Jet’. Jet is a smart and powerful phone with loads of interesting features. You can checkout their microsite for more details on the phone (and in case the site takes too much time to load, you can checkout the specs here.

After the introduction by a professional (and good looking 😉 ) emcee, Sarfaraz Borah, Product Manager, Samsung  kickstarted the session by showing a demo video for ‘Samsung Jet’ and then explaining its features in details while answering audience questions in between. While Sarfaraz was explaining the new model in all seriousness, a caricature artist (which was hired by organizers) was busy making interesting caricatures of the guests, btw here’s mine (How’s it ?)


The talk by Sarfaraz was followed by a quick summary of the whole thing by Ankur (Digital Marketing Manager – Samsung) and the summary was followed by a quick Tweet Q & A competition regarding the Jet presentation. @praval was the lucky winner and managed to closely beat @twilightfairy to get Jet as a prize. With another phone left to give away there was a lucky draw in which @twilightfairy, true to her name, pulled off a great trick and picked her self as the winner.

It was really nice meeting the blogger folks and friends over beer and snacks at the meet @ TGIF.  Thanks Samsung, Starcom and Blogworks for the nice event

PS: In case you missed the meet, I shall try to make pre-event posts for future events.

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19 thoughts on “Samsung Jet Bloggers Meet

  1. chipo

    Hi mayank, had noticed the twitter thread btwn u @twilightfairy & @gautamgosh. Gd to read to read your blog post on how it went.

    abt how many invited bloggers were in attendance? you’re right, i think we are slowly seeing India Inc not only open its eyes towards the Indian blogosphere as a ‘media’ channel to be reckoned with but also one that must be handled differently from the way we work with traditional media.

    (Cheers, to the folk at BlogWorks!)

  2. mayank Post author

    @chipo: I guess there were around 20 odd bloggers and mobile enthusiasts

    Also, there’s an upcoming Nokia Music Meet this friday. Things are definitely changing wrt bloggers engagement.

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  4. Nalin

    Nice article mayank.
    Even my blog Delhi-voice has a post about Samsung Jet– though my post is more technical and compares with the identical sized S60 5th edition touch screen phone the Nokia 5800.

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