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Yes, that’s what I am right now, “DISORIENTED”. Things were fine till saturday evening, I enjoyed a lazy Saturday morning, met college friends after long and had sumptuous lunch. Everything was Normal and then a friend told me “three bombs went off in cp, karol bagh and gk”. I was then at a nearby Pizza Hut meeting my school friends. Within minutes everyone was on their phone’s calling family members and friends to know if they were fine. Ten minutes later everyone got settled and resumed talks about school, teachers et all. Another group of friends went for a late night show.

Indians are known to be adjusting and accommodating but who thought they could be this adjusting. People who were waiting on the bus stand where one of the blasts happened resumed the wait for their buses half an hour after the blast. Everything seems back to normalcy (assuming there was a disturbance), maybe for good but something doesn’t feel right. Had it been a weekday, with people busy with their 9-5’s maybe it would have been hard to notice any difference at all.

All sorts of questions are haunting me. Not only this I can feel lots of processes running in the background making me feel kinda lost, being there but without really being there. Was discussing with another friend who was equally shaken “What can we do about the whole thing”,  we’ve always been cursing the administration/government for not doing enough but that just doesn’t seem to help and my mind refuses to believe there is nothing we can do about the situation.

“A Wednesday” a film about bomb blasts and how a common citizen tries to avenge for it, comes to mind.

*spoiler alert start*
The story is about a 50+ year old man, a common citizen who is overwhelmed by the sense of insecurity that prevails that he takes law into his own hands and tries to take revenge from those who were behind recent bomb blasts
*spoiler alert end*

The film shows a way in which a common man raises above his existential needs and tries to make a change ,but that cannot be the only way. There have to be more ways in which we can do something about the situation rather than taking a backseat, doing nothing and only to be reminded of it few months/years from now. Its not one of those numerous problems that our country faces, unlike them it doesn’t have an obvious solution(at least not to me). Not sure if  I am the only one facing this but we need to start doing something to make things better and trust me if you think somebody else might do it for you, you couldn’t be more wrong.