First Google Analytics Conversion Univeristy Conference in India

I along with a few friends from Twitter attended the Google Analytics Conversion University Conference at Gurgaon. This was the first such conference by Google Analytics in India and we were lucky enough to be a part of it. The agenda of conference included introduction of GA for begineers, sharing more about their partnership programs, advanced features, adsense/adwords integration, webmaster tools and website optimizer.

The conference had about 100 attendees(or less?) from mostly, sem/ppc background. Folks from Digital Agencies and SEM companies formed the major chunk. Interestingly enough about one third of the attendees were from outside Delhi/NCR, with people from Mumbai and Kerala forming a considerable chunk. Most of the speakers too were from outside of Delhi with Jesse coming straight from Mountain View to present at the conference.

Given the professional and business oriented audience, the content was strictly focussed around getting most out of GA and eventually how you can use it to get more/spend less $$. The thing about analytics is that everyone knows it but not everyone does it, so the conference was a good reminder that you need to actually checkout the data being captured and use it to drive results.

Jesse made his point by saying “Not having goals on GA is like being a 35 year old guy who doesn’t have a job and doesn’t know what to do with his life, no goals” . So if you too haven’t configured goals in your GA, it’s time to do it and if you don’t know how to go about it, ping  me.

Tracking Bounce Rate, Outgoing Traffic, Custom Segmentation etc were some other things that I was reminded to spend some time on. BTW Are you tracking them ?

The best thing about Google Analytics(other than the fact that it works) is that its FREE, free not just for individuals but free for enterprises. Isn’t that cool ? Another great thing is that you as individual get access to the same set of features that an enterprise gets, i.e. it’s not that the free version has lesser features than paid enterprise ones.

Is it a good question to ask if Google Analytics is free, how does  Google benefit ?
Vivek, one of the speakers mentioned that amongst other things GA drives more money to adwords. Fair enough

All in all, GA conf @ Google’s gurgaon office was a fun event with great learning and networking opportunity.Good food and free wi-fi were nice addons.

You can also checkout people’s tweets by searching for hashtag #gacu

Thanks to the guys at getgaready for organizing it.

Conference Goodies

1) GA Tooth Brush: Yes, a Tooth Brush that reads “promoting good website hygiene”

GA tooth brush2) GA Thumb/Pen Drive:

GA Thumb Drive

3) GA Tee-Shirt:

GA Tee Shirt

Update: Here’s Tatvic’s presentation on Conversion Tracking from the conference

View more presentations from anilv13.
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9 thoughts on “First Google Analytics Conversion Univeristy Conference in India

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  2. Gaurav Gupta

    Nice. Was the session recorded? Or are there any videos/presentations which you can share online?

    My registration did not get confirmed. Shit happens.

  3. mayank Post author

    @TF: Agreed 256 MB pen drive is obsolete for people like us but it might be useful for the ppc junta who were there in plenty 😀

    @Prashanth: Don’t bang your head, you never know when they have a conference in Chennai. BTW if you want to explore GA, do so and if you have any issues we can always discuss.

    @Gaurav: Yes and they said that they’ll be putting up videos n ppt in some time.

    When did you register ? There have been some weird cases of people not getting confirmed.

  4. shuchita

    nice.!! i didnt stay till the end ..!! found stuff getting too repetitive .!.!1 but im sure last sessions must have been good

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  6. Manish Rawat

    Could not attend the conference but a friend did. What he told me was , ” only 3 things were good, first food, second goodies and third chance to see Google , Gurgaon, office.” Rest was same old stuff which most of us,online marketers, know.

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