Things better stayed away from

I am NOT a doctor and neither do I have any educational background in health and medicine but what from whatever little I’ve read, heard and based on my hunch or common sense (mostly) I strongly feel that we should think more deeply/seriously about certain things and keep them at bay.

You might find some of these things ridiculously good for perhaps you might be obssessed with them and can’t get  to think otherwise. Some of you will say it is impossible/not practical. I am not here to debate and I am trying my best to cut down partially (cell phones) or totally (sodas)

Here’s what all I think is more dangerous (in the long run) than we realize and should be stayed away from

  1. Soft Drinks/Sodas
  2. Packed/Processed Foods
  3. Deodrants/Perfumes
  4. Mobile Phones

Will keep updating this link, let me know if you feel something else should be up in this list as well

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