The Bucket List

It’s one of those cheesy things that I try to stay away from but for some reason I felt like listing down things I would love to do. So here it is a collection of things I thought myself and a few I read elsewhere and liked


  1. Attend (and Dance) in Rio Carnival (Year 2014)
  2. Skinny Dip at midnight
  3. Fly a plane/helicopter
  4. Skydive/Basejump/Bungeejump
  5. Learn to read, speak and write urdu
  6. Learn a new/foreign language
  7. Write a book
  8. Make a documentary/movie
  9. Learn a form of fighting (Muay thai, Martial arts etc)
  10. Learn to play a musical instrument
  11. Invent something (that sells) *That’s a classic*
  12. Change someone’s life forever(for good)
  13. Swim with the dolphins
  14. Climb a mountain
  15. Scuba Dive
  16. Learn to cook
  17. Learn street magic
  18. Teach a course at a college or school
  19. Do something sexually taboo (to say the least)
  20. Repeat point 19 with a twist
  21. Get in crazy nasty shape. (Strong, Lean and Fast)
  22. Fall in bottomless pit of love
  23. Record a song
  24. Live minimally (For 2-3 months)
  25. Stay alone (For 2-3 months)
  26. Sell your startup
  27. Acquire a company
  28. Grow some plants/fruits/vegetables
  29. Date someone 10+ years younger or older than myself
  30. Learn to Meditate and Do it Regularly
  31. Attend Maha Kumbh or Kumbh mela
  32. Own a house with a water slide, tunnel, garden and bunch of other stuff
  33. ……..
  34. ……..


Books to read:

Songs to listen:

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2 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. Dinesh

    Bro, u inspired me to make a bucket list of my own, and more importantly start Blogging 😀 cheers

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