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Apple and The Irony of Social Media

It’s a great co-incidence that this post comes right after my previous post with a similar title. As I write this post Steve Jobs is presenting Apple’s next innovation ‘iPad’ which represents a new category between the smart phones and netbooks. This launch would easily be one of the biggest Tech events in the History with millions of people glued on to various nooks and corners of the World Wide Web trying to get a glimpse of Apple’s latest offering. Twitter as predicted by some is almost down and so are many other platforms which were experiencing heavy traffic spikes due to the event.

This post is not about Apple’s iPad, it is however about the Irony that I see. In today’s day and age where every Social Media Enthusiast/Evangelist/Consultant/______ in every SEO/SEM/SMM____ company talks about being “Social”, “Listening to conversations and participating in them” and a lot more, here is Apple, a brand that has been in the market for a good amount of time and is conspicuous for not being “Social” as per the standards but it’s still being able to garner ultra hype about a product launch that is capable of bringing many a social networks down and get almost everyone on the ones up talking about it.

All by just making remarkable products that people are passionate about

PS: I can’t think of any Social Brand being a part of any event/campaign of a scale this big, can you?

Facebook’s Live-Stream Widget

Last night while adding facebook badge to my blog when I stumbled upon the facebook widget page I didn’t really play around much to checkout the other widgets like live-stream one. But it was now when Techcrunch reported it I thought of checking it out again. So here’s the deal

The live stream widget( apparently meant for website or business widgets as opposed to personal ones)  lets you do the following

1) Update your facebook status from the widget or ‘Page Admin Preview’ as they call it

2) Access and share(with anyone who can see the widget) facebook statuses of your friends and everyone(think CNN-FB integration during Obama’s ceremony)

3) Comment and Like facebook statuses  just as you could do them in facebook.

While all this is quite clear to me, I am not really sure what’s the deal with the option to ‘select an application’, which essentially means choosing a page. I choose a page and posted an update via the ‘Page Admin Preview’ but it didn’t reflect on the fan page which I had selected. If you want to figure out how it all works, try checking out this, it might throw some light

Let’s see what’s the deal like.

Also, seems like facebook is still working on the widgets as the widget doesn’t seem to work properly for most

Tracking Twitter via Kwippy

Twitter’s Track feature was one of the features which could easily classify as the “Holy Grail” of microblogging. Ever since it was released people loved it and couldn’t get enough of it. Tracking keywords that you care about and getting tweets containing them on your IM(and mobile) was simply terrific. But then like all the good things Track too came to an end. Folks at identi.ca tried doing track but that too ran into some issues and thus had to be taken down.
For those who’ve missed tracking twitter on their gtalk there’s a good news. We at kwippy have found a way around to track twitter via gtalk, just like before. So be it your field of interest, the film you like most or simply your name, now you can get notifications on your gtalk everytime somebody mentions them on twitter.

How it works ?:
Summize/Twitter search gives an atom feed for search results which can be integrated to kwippy, which has the ability to send updates/kwips via gtalk. Which means everytime the feed gets refreshed with new search results
the people who are following the user on gtalk will get the kwip.

Checkout: http://kwippy.com/obamabuzz , this user tracks all the tweets from twitter which contain the word obama.

If you want to track something from twitter on your gtalk, reply here with the keyword(s) and your kwippy username.